Our New zaccheus collection!
Z Hinchliffe & Sons ltd, one of the oldest and most respected of British textile companies has worked in collaboration with the Very English Weaving Company ltd to bring an exciting and exclusive range of high quality cloth to the world of apparel and Fashion. Z Hinchliffe have been spinning the finest quality woollen spun yarns in Mills in Yorkshire and Scotland since 1766, their reputation for using only the highest quality fibres to produce their yarn is renowned. Today they produce a fabulous range of lambswool, camel and pure cashmere to the very highest standard which are favoured by some of the world’s top brands. It is these yarns that were the inspiration to see to what standard of cloth could be woven using the very best of British craftsmen. The job to transform these yarns into the very finest cloth available was given to the Very English Weaving Company, of Huddersfield, the design team accepted the challenge and the Zaccheus collection was created. From the outset the criteria was to produce a cloth of outstanding quality, generations of skill and knowledge were used at every level and part of the process to achieve this goal.

Z Hinchliffe have a fantastic infrastructure using the most modern equipment for blending, spinning and dyeing their product resulting in the softest most luxurious yarns carrying the Woolmark. The wish of the Hinchliffe board was to produce a luxury range of exclusive cloth that every member of the manufacturing process could be proud of, spinners, designers, weavers and not forgetting the finishers, a true Huddersfield cloth. The exclusivity of the cloth comes from this combination of skills with the superb quality of the raw materials used, we truly believe that there are no finer woollen cloths made anywhere in the world. The collection offers traditional quality with contemporary design, elegant, sophisticated fabrics with a drape and feels that sets it high above the standard. The whole collection is stock supported and available in cut length all the way through to full piece, this premium service will enable individuals to have bespoke garments tailored, sample garment produced, instant access for selectors and small production runs manufactured direct from stock. Very English are geared up for fast replenishment of the stock fabrics while Z Hinchliffe hold all the required yarns in readiness to enable the speedy turnaround for larger orders.

Very English Weaving is home to some of the finest quality cloth made in the UK apparel industry, the Iconic brand of Marling & Evans has two new collections a year of exclusively made to order cloths, these are always available for sampling and selection, simply contact our design and sales team. Between the two ranges, one stock supported and one made to order, we are offering a wide range of fabulous quality English cloths, manufactured in Huddersfield with a built in heritage and provenance, supplied with a service second to none.
Stock Supported!
The Zaccheus Collection is available as a fully stock supported range. So every piece of cloth you see in the Zaccheus collection is on our shelves here at the Very English Weaving Company.

We can supply cut lengths from a single metre, right up to full piece or pieces.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or pay us a visit.
What we do.
Design your cloth in our design facility with our design software.


Use our modern office environment to design your cloth and adjust colours and weave as required. Our technicians are always on hand to advise and help out as required.
Along with design modification we can help develop the product with different yarn options and varying twists to create different feels.

Create a sample of your design with our sample weaving facility to make sure the design is up to scratch or make changes as required.
You're happy with your design and we have sourced the yarns you required and even colour matched them for you. Now it's time to weave.

Our weaving facility can produce most designs but if we can't we will commission a weaver to produce the cloth as designed by you.
Our main aim is to help you create.

For apparel or furnishings we can offer you a fantastic environment to work in with the knowhow and hardware to produce the design from start to finish.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or pay us a visit.
About the Very English Weaving Company.

The Very English Weaving Company is building a new way for UK based textile designers and producers to design, develop, weave and above all...CREATE!

We know in order to create a vision, you need the freedom to design and develop a product in an environment that enhances creativity. An environment that gives you the tools to modify and perfect a design until you are completely satisfied with the outcome and the quality of the product.

At The Very English Weaving Company we provide you with the environment and the tools to do just that. From initial design ideas we can create a virtual weave with our specialised weaving application, allowing you to tweak and tinker with colour ideas as well as the weave itself.

From there we can help you select from a range of yarns, and even provide colour matching if required, or simply provide us with the yarns you would like to use. Our weaving technicians can advise you on qualities and quantities of yarn for your particular weave and design.

With a full production facility available The Very English Weaving Company is not just about design and development, we can also weave your design to become a finished piece or just create a sample run if required.

The beauty of our sample facility is that you can see the cloth being produced before your eyes and if necessary make amendments to the weave and colours there and then. Not only does this create a product as you imagined it but speeds up development times.

Our selection of machinery on site including sectional and single ended warpers, along with yarn twisting and measured length machinery ensures we have a selection of design and production options on offer.

With easy access and car parking our design facility also offers wireless internet capabilities to ensure you can keep in touch while you design and create.